Sculpt Mode

Guide to the Landscape tool's Sculpt mode.


The process of sculpting a Landscape involves using one or more tools that modify the underlying heightmap. These tools range from the simple Sculpt tool that paints height values using a brush and strength scale to many other tools that use complex algorithms to apply interesting effects to the heightmap, such as erosion. Each tool has a set of properties that determines how the tool affects the Landscape.


Tool Workflow

Once you've created your Landscape, you will have access to the other features of the Landscape tool, like Sculpting by selecting the Sculpt mode button.


Once selected, the Sculpt tool options will become available for choosing the type of sculpting tool along with the brush style and falloff type you'd like to use to apply their effects using strokes to your landscape heightmap.


With your Sculpting tool selected, you can now use the following controls to start sculpting your landscape:

Common Controls


Left Mouse Button

Performs a stroke that applies an additive application of the selected tool's effects to the heightmap.

Left Mouse Button + Shift

Performs a stroke that applies a subtractive application of the selected tool's effects to the heightmap.

Ctrl + Z

Undoes last stroke.

Ctrl + Y

Redoes last undone stroke.

For a quick reference guide to the Landscape tool's various modes, tools, and brushes, see Landscape UI Reference.

Sculpting Tools

The Sculpting Tools enable you to modify the shape of your Landscape in various ways. Explore the different sculpting selections available below:

Region Tools

The Region Tools enable you to perform actions on specific regions of the Landscape. Explore the different Region options available below:

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